Sunday, August 7, 2011

Save our souls first...

'Save our souls when the odds are against us' is the religion strictly followed by the political society. Any recommendation or report putting a big question mark on credentials of one political group, particularly the one which rules, is shown the door that opens to a stinking dumping ground.

The report on 2G by Public Accounts Committee has been dumped citing it as being partisan. The ruling United Progressive Alliance has left no stone unturned to doubt the intentions influenced during preparing the report.

After Murli Manohar Joshi circulated the report, the Congress defending team has taken its position. The report might have been given the same fate if the BJP was in power. It's crystal clear as to why UPA would think twice to put the report to force. PM Manmohan Singh and former FM P Chidambaram have been criticised in the report.

If the stakes are high and those who face charges boast huge political stature, hardly anything goes against them. Here too the precedents speak out. Till the time the PAC report on 2G gets its share of treatment, fingers need to be kept crossed. The UPA presently indulging in 'save our souls' tactic.

Let's stop pandemonium...

The monsoon session of Maharashtra legislature witnessed opposition MLAs throwing tantrums in the house over various issues plaguing the state. Such situations are orchestrated and are considered quintessential in order that the house is deprived of its order.

Besides 'dragging' the attention of those ruling at the power corridor forms part of the idea behind creating the ruckus. Those who rule use the houses to answer the queries. Unfortunately not a single session finishes off without any pandemonium.

Of late the anger against corruption has reached its zenith. The civil society irked by government's lethargic attitude towards corruption threw its support to the campaign started by Anna Hazaare.

Though the men backing the movement gathered along with Anna at Delhi's Jantar Mantar, the anti-corruption agitation saw the young across the country to feel for it. They shouted into the booms. It was evident in the television footage showing the young enraged with anger.

Can corruption be eliminated? An attempt in the direction would give sleepless nights to those daring doing it. Previous experiences bear witness to that. Any voice raised against the monster eroding our system is silenced through different tactics. Power, money and cajoling are a few of them.

In a society where men and women think only about their nuclear or closest families, a thought aiming to end corruption can never be turned into reality as erasing it would require a concerted effort. A team work which generally occurs when men and women feel for something.

A mere thought of a change cannot bring it to our civil society. Concrete measures set at the actual target would start yielding results. So guys the words from the mouth require actions to turn the dreams into reality.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is politics always dirty?

At times veteran politicians venture out on to the streets with bamboo. Don't fear. They are out not to go on a vandalising spree.

The bamboo sticks are fixed with brooms to use the 'conglomerate' on the streets. Motive? To spread the message. That they are not dirty. They are clean and like to get clicked while forwarding the cleanliness drive.

What spurs these rabble rousers to start a cleanliness drive is still not clear. Umpteen times on the pages of newspapers in vernacular can be seen the photos of these media savvy vota-gonists holding the tilling and toiling tools up high in the air.

Celebrities too have something hidden inside their mind. But unlike our 'Netas' our celebrities never come out on to the roads with dubious motives and hidden agendas. They are vocal and unequivocal at the same time.

In a democracy which is for the people, by the people and of the people, these runners of our legislative houses do not seem to be in any mood to do away with the perennials of the common men. Indeed they have huge vested interests.

Latest developments in Karnataka have put a green seal on the claims that Yeddyurappa wields a upper hand over the BJP biggies. This is backed by the way the candidate backed by Yeddyurappa manged to grab the hottest chair.

Now people say that yet another Gowda is merely a proxy for the powerful Yeddyurappa from the influential Lingayat community.

So what is the deal all about? Does the true political values are getting covered with layers of dust spread out of political deeds. let's be very clear. The post Independent era had a number of visionaries who saw India as a one nation.

Nowadays the concepts have seen oceanic change. Elections have given more chance to indulge in anti social activities than to exercise the constitutional right to vote. This was evident during the last decade full of election time violations.

On occasions the offices bearing constitutional values have been misused. The gubernatorial dictats in the past bear witness to that.

Politics being once an honest's affair has reduced merely to a gimmick and a means to realise dubious dreams. As of now the dirty cannot be removed from it as it is clinging to its umblical chord attached to the bellies of politicians.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

BJP needs to play it safe...

The chief minister of Karnataka BS Yeddiyurappa has written to Bhartiya Janata Party high command to consider his name for keeping him at the helm of party affairs at state level. Yeddyurappa wants state presidentship.

Seeing the popularity and support Yeddiyurappa wields among the partymen in Karnataka the BJP has a tough task ahead. BJP no doubt is not in a position to overrule his demands. The party needs to play it safe Yeddiyurappa himself has indicated that he is stepping down under duress.

Though the chief minister has resigned after the report by Karnataka Lok Ayukta was submitted, he seems to be in no mood to lose his grip over the state matters.

BJP has two things to take care of. One is to salvage the party image tarnished by the recent 'indictment' by the Krishna Hegde report on the mining issue. The other much more important worry BJP has is to keep the party fabric in Karnatak intact.

After that comes the task of deciding as to who will be the next BJP parlaimentary party chief in the house after Yeddiyurappa goes. Again the loyalty card would be a great player in the decision. The favours given that were the main reason for the recent upheaval in Karnataka politics have once again proved that law of the land can not be compromised at any given point of time.

At present at least in Karnataka the BJP is walking on eggs. An eagle's eye watch on the ongoing developments needs to be put to keep the situation under control.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ramazan, when night turns into day...

At four in the morning Muslim pockets bear witness to an offbeat hustle and bustle. In the month of Ramazan the day-to-day life sees a '90 degree' vertical change, though not having side effects. In this month nothing is prohibited, except all that are given a time period.

From August 2 this year, Muslims in India would begin their fast from dawn till dusk. During Ramazan Muslims strictly follow the Islamic book. In this month violation of even a smallest lesson hardly takes place. The joy with which a Muslim observes fast reaches tremendous heights at the time of 'opening' the fast.

Men, women and children all alike undergo a thorough transformation. A metamorphosis clearing the inner soul of all the impurities embedded during the last one year spurs the 'observer of the fast' to do a retrospection.

Overpowering the self wishes is the biggest teaching the fast imparts to its observers. Scientific studies have corroborated that the Roza which is called 'Saum' in Arabic purifies the entire mechanism of human body. Its functions too get an overhauling.

In Ramazan in the areas dominated by Muslims, the devotees impose a disciplined life. Every thing is tagged with a label showing a time. During the day people read from Qura'n. Saying Namaz five times a day becomes a daily phenomenon. 30-days fasting with a well scheduled menu and the sheer time adherence make Ramazan the most sought after Muslim festival.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A fairer deal maker...

Have you ever been entangled in a stalemate from where escaping was like trying to run away from the limits of earth? The answer maybe yes.

Like many others, I too struggle, struggled to set my foot firmly on the ground so as to make it possible to be seen by the world over there. Of late searching for a roof that too during the monsoon is like chewing a nut with your nose. Enough adjectives and phrases! Now let's come directly to the issue.

Imagine you shift to a new location in search of your bread and butter and end up without a proper roof over your head? The degree of depression emerged after the haplessness would be enormous.

But in my case the power that sits over the skies seems to be showering special treatment. June 30 I somehow managed to drag my luggage after alighting at Nagpur railway station early morning. it was like a dream on his way to becoming a reality.

Finally I was there. I was here, in Nagpur. Twenty six days on, well ensconced in the dormitory like set up and having my favourite Biryani all have given a spur to my aims. Keep going and this time don't stop.

People might object when I use 'I' several times in the post. But the situation demands it. Afterwards good thoughtful posts would start to come.

As I have set well in the hotel, I when find time, go out looking for a proper house. During my quest I have encountered brokers who act as middle-persons when it comes to seal a deal for the people who seek rented accommodation.

The last few weeks have taken me to women brokers who go along with the prospective house seekers. No other profession could have given these poor women such a nice chance to supplement their family income. After a few more weeks I am sure would get a fair deal and able
to accommodate my head.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The passion that ruptured the me within...

A friend of mine once suggested that people who like to see themselves succeed should stick to what they get as their first job. Six years on, two three jobs lost and several times credentials questioned, life has come a full circle for me.

After a few child-like decisions taken in haste only to get my so-called skills and capabilities recognised, I sitting on the same branch which I was hacking; jumped blindly into the well of persistent agony.

Believe me when you have it in you and you cannot pursue your dreams you cannot imagine upto what extent it hurts. Same occurred to me when I started as a Sub at one of India's leading English dailies. My boss both the local and the immediate ones appreciated my work with sheer honesty and tried their best when I decided to leave. Imagine your boss pleading not to leave his or her organisation! Only a fool can proceed with his or her intentions of stepping down.

The years that followed after my graduation from the Bombay College of Journalism of the KC College fame bore a mark that guided me through my quest to be journalist. With two one by one successes and uncalled for over enthusiasm, I landed into hell. All the hell broke lose when I lost my second job as a trainee crime reporter at a city tabloid.

Life was not coming easily. Hardships coupled with a deep rooted desire to become a hardcore journalist, marred with my inability to make an indelible mark proved almost to be lethal for a cub journalist like me.

The reason for writing this article is that poor decision making took its toll on my life, career and persona. I had a dream. A passion embedded deep into my heart. Reporting. Reporting. Reporting.

Life is not easy to understand. At least for me. I could not do so six years ago. After spending great quality time with friends at the country's top most journalism school in Chennai, I have learnt a lesson to subject myself to the destiny.

I have accepted the truth. With another chance to re-embark on a journey that will take me to the final destination, the peak of my field, I have started to recover from the trauma inflicted by decisions taken immaturely.

Time is the biggest healer. It will decide the distance I walk or run along the path to success.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Malegaon: A town where Hollywood films are a craze...

At seven in the evening, most of the powerloom workers bid adieu to their day's shift. They head for their homes after measuring the length of the fabric they have woven over the nine hours they have spent on powerloom machines.

The eerie load shedding, thankfully, has not had much influence to the income of these powerloom workers, mostly school drop outs; who abandoned their education midway to supplement their family income. They still made more than Rs 1,000 on an average every week.
Friday almost all the powerloom units in the textile town are shut and brings to these workers a day off to indulge in leisure. The only mode of whiling away for these underprivileged workers is watching films with co-powerloom workers.

Though the Hindi films screened all across the ten big and small cinema halls along with the Mumbai release, the powerloom workers adore the Hollywood movies too and queue up to buy the tickets for them. An average ticket charge for such Hollywood movies is around Rs 15. For screening of such movies there are more than five video parlours decorated with state of the art sound technologies.

Top Hollywood superstars like Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, John Travolta and above all Pierce Brosnan of the Bond movies are ideals of those who flock these video parlours every whenever they find time.

Mustaqeem (name withheld), a class IV drop out had to resign from his studies and do odd jobs at eateries and tea stalls when his father, the sole bread winner of a family of three, passed away last year after succumbing to chronic Tuberculosis. Since his father's death the burden to feed his family now comprising only himself and his mother came crashing on his still immature shoulders.

With a great passion for Hollywood movies, this eleven-year-old recognises the films by seeing the movie posters. "Last time I was duped. I could not recognise the name of the movie. Merely after seeing the posters I bought the ticket," said the hapless powerloom worker who had to leave the video hall mid way as he had already watched the movie.

For a town like Malegaon, Mustaqeem is not the only person who splurges money to watch their Hollywood favourite stars.

"Mujhe English nahin aati phir bhi main hamesha English filmein dekhta hun," said Anwar (name withheld) another school drop out who unlike Mustaqeem has three elder siblings to take care of their family of six.

With number of such video goers experiencing a steep rise, the owners of these small cinema halls are forced to survive the competition from the rival video parlour owners. As a result the craze for Hollywood movies doesn't seem to be dying down.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

There's no anti-dote to the reality that Bites!

Don't worry if you bitten by a dog. Thirteen or maybe fourteen bigger injections can fix the problem. I hear that reality also bites, not leaving behind the teeth mark. Every dog has his day and every dog bite an anti-dote. That destroys all the chances of contracting hydrophobia. But in case of a reality bite the chances are that the people involved one way or the other can not be put on medicines. They cannot be quarantined. I really don't know the purpose of writing this. Maybe my desire to hone my pen has spurred me to keep my fingers on the move. Anyway read on..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The head-less government...

It has been not more than two years since the YSR episode was played again and again on news channels. The not so much lucky chief minister of Andhra Pradesh met with worst air accident. The entire country was shocked. Acres of news prints were cultivated with the seed of a death caused due to an accident, reasons of which are still unknown. Except a few findings submitted y the inquiring team, there was no robust decision making that could have drafted a policy aiming to thwart any future such occurrences.
The wounds inflicted on the bodies of the near and dear ones who also mourned YSR's death still bear the blood mark. But the government has not woken up to the reality that it needs immense reshuffle in the fleet that guarantees safer aerial transportation. The news of Dorjee Khandu disappearing in similar aerial accident has proved that the government has failed to arrive at a robust decision making that could have prevented the tragedy.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A break at the weak-end that shatters...

Read the girls-seek-counselling columns on a Sunday tabloid page. A sex expert churning advices that guide the 'starved' , the underly-privileged about the possible ways to screw. Urging the not so matured populace of the teens to quench their biological thirsts. Anyway, the parameters that distinguish the good from bad, separate the moral from immoral and propel the evil from crossing the line of the virtuous; have been tampered with. Read the boys whispering their anxieties about the girl not heeding their overtures. On any given Sunday morning you easily find such newly emerged trends, given space in an attempt to get these aspirants the right target. These papers forget their very own work of informing. These are a few sad, sickening pleasure achieving gimmicks adopted to relieve the 'starved' of the previous week's stress. Alas, the tricks then published in the form of the tips never help the girls or the boys to attain their sole goal to attach their target to a non existing string. Strings attached to many bodily parts fail to guarantee an unbreakable bond. The purpose to pen this article is neither to spread the moral education nor to pull the legs of those who indulge themselves freely to get the biological spurs satisfied. It's rather to amend the way the end of the week usually is spent. So guys have a break that does not shatter the weak end. Don't make it a week end folks...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Celebrities and the basic diplomatic instinct...

Salute the celebrities. For their impeccable diplomatic instincts. Every time a brawl erupts, the men and women of fame and fortune and couture deny the charges to their hilt. Look at the news spaces and the broadcast times. They all are predominantly occupied by the celebrity tete-a-tete. A big part of the so called news items are dominated by denials and censures. And the presenters to these "bought spaces and purchased times" are preoccupied by the craze to pursue the stars' stardom to cash in on; with an aim to increase the TRPs and the circulation. But what takes it to be in a vantage position to simply wash one's hands of the controversy triggered by the celebrity disputing utterances? A sneak peak into the recent denials and censures can remove the lid of the bottle subsequently releasing the genie. Anna Hazare should boast of the influence he has had on the stars' psyche; one among them is the selective, the shrewd and the choosy Bollywood superstar. Aamir Khan went a step further ahead. Mr perfectionist as he is known among the film circle dashed a letter off to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Anna Hazare could never have found a better supporter than in Mr Perfectionist himself. Turning towards the peg of our article. Celebrity controversies are not new. From the likes of Rakhi Sawant to the 'highly professional' Malika Sherawat the list goes on. On occasions these famous figures face threats, particularly to their properties, from unscrupulous elements. Take the recent take of Mr Anupam Kher on corruption take. Kher allegedly dig his own grave by uttering 'something bad' about constitution. The Maharashtra legislative assembly wasting no time has passed a 'breach of privilege' motion against Kher. Besides the speaker of the house has instructed the home department to look into the whole episode; and if need be put Kher behind bars. The denials and the excuses come when the 'alleged perpetrators' experience the ground slipping from under their feet. Kher has retracted. He has denied and blamed the misinterpretation of his statement responsible for the 'unnecessary brouhaha'. The recent incontrovertible controversy has a lesson or two, at least for the writer. The celebrities are born with superb denying instincts with which they easily emerge out of any situation. So, why not push their names forward for the upcoming assembly elections?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's not a you-blink-first game...

At last. Those at the power Centre breathe easy. Thanks to Anna. He has ended his fast unto death. After the government's assurance to set up a ten-member joint committee to draft a robust Lok Pal Bill, it seems that the government has bought its own time. Let's see at the developments through the prism of common men. See the kind of response Anna's campaign or movement or agitation has received. Youngsters, professionals, film actors and the most respected among them; the people of the country. But why it took four or maybe five days to come up with a proposal on the 'embattled' Lok Pal Bill? The procrastination puts a large question mark on any government's seriousness on an issue. If those ruling the nation fail to curb people's outburst rather to pacify the people's angers, they loose all the rights to rule. Look at the way things were being handled at the power corridor, while our very own people; especially Anna, were nearing fragile health. It's a universally accepted truth that after the storm come the fake claims from the non-performing actors who never miss a chance to grab the credit; for the work they did never undertake. As the fast has ended, news prints and broadcast space have been chock-a-block with 'eye-catching' headlines. "Government blinks first", "Anna wins" etc. We the people are surrounded by vampires who surface every time the sun sets. The country faces serious crises which need to be taken care of with utmost attention. Peoples' movements start after they are deprived of their share that helps them lead a decent life. Look the people filled with the 'unrest', venture out on the streets; shouting slogans in support of a tangible change. A change that can bring accountability and every adjective connected with good governance. So let's treat the "Jihad" against corruption as a means to bring transparency. Please don't portray the anti-corruption movement as you-blink-first game...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't play badminton, play cricket!

India and Pakistan clash again. In peoples' psyche, not on the battelfield. The boys are face to face to send the ball all over the way to the rooftop. To raise their pitch of the voice, not in hatred; but in an attempt to pack the batsman back to the pavillion, got out after a collective LBW appeal. Cricket is not like tennis or badminton. Where the ball keeps moving from one court to the other. Tennis ends the spectators up in awe, as they pursue the ball from one court to the another. With every shot that sends the ball to the 'another' court players think loudly in their mind "the ball is now in your court". So play cricket. It helps thwart any attempt to find excuses.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now the government activism...

The talk of the judicial activism seems to have died down. These are the times of peoples' movements. Any attempt on government's part to suppress the voices probably proves to be suicidal. Recently the temples in Maharashtra were at the receiving end. The state sees the distribution of prasad to devotees as a 'taxable asset'. So yet another attempt to commercialise a spiritual entity known as faith. Indian populace lives with a serious religious attachment in its every sphere. The reason why the cricket has become almost a prayer is obvious. Every year the governments formulate the budgets. Incorporating and picking hosts of things up to bring them under the tax umbrella. Seems the taxable things have ended. Revision of the prices of crucial commodities lies at the front at the end of every financial year. The two per cent educational cess has already put extra burden on the wallets, though the concerned government brought it with an eye to improve the public health; luckily or unluckily the move attracted a warm welcome from a specif stratum of society. Social activities and the day-to-day proceedings at the law making bodies hardly have anything in common. Men, women and children are the bunch who leave no stone unturned to find a day away from the hustle and bustle. So keep spirituality aside. And, don't contaminate it with the government activism...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ministry of Denials and Censures...

There shold be a Ministry of Denials too. Why not? Another portfolio, for sure, is not going to be a burden on the ex-chequer; given the back to back scam exposures. Prime Minister defends again. This time he talks about the compulsions. In a coalition politics the ruling party has to give in the demands. But why subject the government to the uncalled for 'blackmails'. It puts a big question mark on the motives of a PM known for his true administrative ethics. Legitimate or whatever, the demands should be put under litmus test. The Wikileaks exposures have turned out to be more dangerous than a nuclear war. Its impacts have stirred the hornet's nest. The diplomatic repurcussions could trigger severed ties. But why the UPA struggles to cosy up to the unrelenting opposition? The answer maybe in the ongoing 2G probe. After every crisis a series of denials and censures arrives. In the era of coalition politics the PM no longer acts as the head of the government. He serves as the head of the parties. Pacifying their anger. Gone are the days when India had robust governments and suo moto government heads. The need of the hour is to give more space to the PM. He already has the teeth. But he lacks the bite. So let the PM have the bite. Make the country climb up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

An uninterrupted journey to humanity...

It has been ten years. Since the desire to assist the poor stirred Professor Kazi. An erstwhile Bombay Municipal Corporation member and veteran philanthropist. His stint as a dean of Arts at Bombay University earned him the repute of an astute academician. Not satisfied with his works and activities, he took upon himself, the responsibility to reach out to the needy. Professor Kazi, far removed from other sicio-economic activists, started on an unending journey. To aid and assist the cancer patients. His dream to to help the poor cancer patients turned out to be a reality on June 20, 2001. And, the Cancer Aid and Research Foundation (CARF) was born. Since then the CARF and its pioneer did not look back. In a decade old journey CARF has assited many a poor cancer patiens without partiality. The CARF has since been the proved to be refuge for the homeless, the needful and the underprivileged who cannot afford the treatment. Apart from assisting financially, CARF also distributes medicines from its own pharma company. The CARF owing to its larger interests has drawn veterans from differnt walk of life to its threshold. Many celebrities promnote CARF in terms of money and helping through other means. In the tenth year, CARF has developed a great network of people who always like to aid, assist and empathise with the poor. The journey goes on. Professor Kazi has not looked back. CARF goes on to see places. Let's pray the primary goal to assist the poor is met.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A cause to spread hope...

Cancer Aid and Research Foundation wears on its sleeve what it preaches. Reaching out to the needy cancer patients and supplying them with the requisite medicine has been extraordinary task done by the CARF.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's not legal to love...

There is only one thing which has been under misuse. Extensively. The freedom to practise assorted rights. Quite common in India too, the gay rights, gay-rights-activism has grown by leaps and bounds, over the years. The advoactes of these so called 'sexual minority' and their rights have one thing in common. To obstruct the vehicular raffic. To show the strengths. But even they themselves don't knw what they are propagating! The same sex, gay sex, women to women sex etc...It sounds horrible and inhuman to think about these 'unnatuaral offences'.
Okay we accept. Human beings and their inclinations. They have bilogical urges. But what about the rules and regulations? Large chunk of world's population; the writers, intellectuals, academicians, musicians, teachers and doctors, whether they are atheists or believers, firmly believe that the animals have no set rules. The animals, they start it in the streets and bring to its logical end to the open. In between, they traverse distances. While they travel during their 'deed' the scen becomes quite unbearable to everyone. So where has the human values disappeared?
We as human beings never come out in the open. Has anyone the guts to do it in the open? The rights activists should better answer the question. The 2009 Delhi High Court judgement should be seen as a judicial pronouncemnt. Why these activists have generated so much of noise? It's ridiculous. On April 19 the apex court will decide its stand on the unnecesary brouhaha and the demand to repeal the IPC 377. We ask these rights groups what really ails them? The Indian social structure has been marred by many factors. By initiating the caus ethey have further damaged the social fabric. Is it necessary to grant sanction to is sexual minority? Or the society itself needs to be quarantined from them? the debates continues...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Han ji it's 2 G...

It's 2 G. The second generation scam. Superbly evolved, over the years. Even Mr Charles, not the Sobhraj fame, would have inferred from it. To support his popular evolution theory. No no. Don't misunderstand. The 2 G spectrum and its intricacies bear all the signs. Of evolution. But in this case they refer to the 2 G scam. Its evolution over the years. we hear that the scam indeed occurred during erstwhile NDA. The DNA of 2 G virus, it seems, has become resistant to the remedies. At this stage the probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation can be considered only as an effort to quarantine. Should not be taken as the inoculation. The parliament proceedings have too been contracted by the 2 G DNA. Orchestrated by the opposition led by NDA. What if the scam was exposed during NDA regime? Would the pandemonium been the same? Maybe. Because our political class has one characteristic in common. While in opposition, they have a pre-studied lesson. Someone might have taught these leaders. That, obstructing the parliament sessions will make them a leading name. In political circles. The more they gather into the well of the House the more they send their rivals to the hell. We hear that CBI has summoned Arun Shourie who lives in Lavasa. The upcoming state of the art township near Pune. Hope that it's not built on the art of staging the displacement, of the poor. The seeds of the scam were sown during the rains of NDA; still not proven. Mr Shourie has vindicated himself in an interview to Sunil Jain, opinions editor, The Financial Express. So what? It's a self written clean chit. CBI needs to unearth more. It needs to till the soil. Then the worms will come out. These worms have eaten into the ex chequer. The public money. The farmers' money. The poors' who live by roadside and construct huge high rises. Though they have survived the high rising prices which have crashed down on to them. COming back to Mr Shourie. He on various occasions our maybe he created those occasions to meet Manmohan Singh, our beloved prime minister. "Something is going wrong Mr Prime Minister" in the words of Shourie. Then nothing happens. The worms indulge in their under ground play. Then Mr Shourie buzzes Ashwani Kumar. The hell breaks loose here. In India whistle blowers are silenced. Not the ones who wreak havoc on the girls on the roads. But the government real servants who against the traditional jeevo aur khane do mantra. And end up in graves or on pyres. So is Mr Shourie a whistle blower? CBI has better tools. Even the sleepless nights are missing from the scene. Look at Raja when he is being taken to and from court? A look at Shahid Balwa will outrage common men. So what ails the country? The criminal justice system? it may not be the only reason. The causes are various. Poiticisation of each and every issue is ailing the country. Opposition and the rulers should realise. It takes centuries to win the rat race. So why have you been running with rats? Who tresspass the kitchen in the dark of the night? Keep away the rats from the country's kitchens to thwart the whisking away of the breads. Or place bets and capture these rats into cages...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who says love seeks no religion? I say politicians practise no religion!

It was another gloomy afternoon. Like many other journalists in Malegaon, I too took out a pen after a painful four hour wait. Yes we were waiting for the Maharashtra Congress chief's advent. Fed up of utter faithfulness displayed by the Congress workers; I write this because everyone who came to address the "bearing" crowd talked about the possible, timely arrival of none other but our Manikrao Thakre. The crowds would have been hired on a meagre amount to decorate the occassion too started emanating dismay, though was not visible as they had to prove their loyalty. Finally the wait was over. Surprisingly all the speeches were bouncing over my head as I had to rush for my lunch too. As, was deprived of food for nearly six hours. Finally our beloved neta was there in khadi and black jacket and with the paraphernalia a politician carries wherever he embarks. Surrounded by fans and followers our neta (leader) was escorted to the dice.; where huge garlands, I don't know on what expenditure they bought them, were waiting to be honoured. At last our leader was ready to speak. As Salamu Alaikum. These greetings purely Islamic in nature crashed to my ears crushing my hearing abilities. I was awed. Shocked. In hibernation. As to why a leader needs to say salaam when he addresses a Muslim locality or bunch of followers. I took out my pen again. By this time my painful ordeal was over; particularly after hearing As Salamu Alaikum. As I started to pen down our neta's speech, not the verbatim, a thought bumped into my head. Does love seek no religion? I said no. As our nets practise no religion.

Look who is feeling sorry?

Imparting a moral education to his nephew Ajit Pawar, Sharad Pawar has tried to pacify the anger expressed by media over the the former's daredevil demand to banish the media. Ironically, for Pawar senior, it took another political function held in Kolhapur to realise how goofed up he was when he stated that "one should take care while speaking to media". What prompted the union agricultural minister to execute a roll back in his previous statement, but media is a watchdog. It's a fourth state. So why quarrel with it? As a journalist I feel Maharashtra's deputy chief minister went overboard while addressing a gathering uttered in favour of banning some "stray" media persons.