Monday, August 11, 2008

The Belligerence

The conflict involving erstwhile USSR and Georgia has once again shows that the world, developed and the developing both, has not been able to douse the thirst of the one and the only ill intention that has plagued the peaceful world i.e. expansionism. The turn of events has shown that there are a number of countries who inspite of being at loggergheads with each other, have deloped quiet a sense of insecurity. It is because of the derogatory attempts made by the there counterparts to bring a kind of hegemony over each other has rsulted into a great many conflicts. The recent full scaled war is the best example of the act. The Unitees States, which leaves no stones unturned whin it comes to solving its own crises has turned almost an defa ear to the conflict. Instead of bringing the warring parties to the negotiating table the so called watch dog of the world, the world saviour has done little in terms of the crises management. To prevent the dispute fro truning into a most hazardous destructive warfare the world community really needs to sit together and come to a common acceptable formula, agreed by both sides. It is the high time that he heads of the developed world and the conscious states resolved the menace.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fantastic Class

Today we had a fantabulous class of Mr V Krishna Ananth. Never in my life I ahve ever come to face to face to such an splendid way of delivering the lecture. Since the class started everyone was clung to what Mr Ananth had to put forward. For me it was really an unbelievable situation where I found myself amidst the twister of knowledge. Mr Krishna Ananth, our faculty, who I was afraid to speak with eliminated all my fears in that particular lecture. Not by applying any remedy, any physio-therapy or any other traditional methods to treat the patients. the history of Indian Nationalism was a cakewalk for him. He just ran through the events in chronological order in the manner as the people count something on their finger tips. All those pre independent political happenings meant nothing to him as far as remembering them was concerned. So I enjoyed the class a lot.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Nowadays attending lectures in our college has become a new craze. More and more people are attending their classes, to show the non existing charm of being a disciplined chap. With the increase in the demand of attending classes, the faculties have also adapted themselves to the new trend. The trend, which is in its infant stages. they have a new role to play but to a certain extent they are unsuccessful so far. Dear friends today why I chose this topic is quiet astonishing. I am sure. But thing is that the time I started to attend the class I had not a tangible enthusiasm in doing so. It was upgraded only after I started to see towards my decent counterparts who sat in the class as a little school going child. To add to the woes of the people who find themselves at the forefront when it comes to bunking their lectures, it is turning out to be a very tough situation. A situation that is really giving them sleepless nights. So what they have decided to have heated debate and protest at the gates next morning, the feat they adopted earlier to get the attention of those who attend their lectures very regularly. These decent chaps took this unwanted and uncalled for protests seriously and they decided to form a union of students with all their evil ambitions. To conclude a new trend of college politics between those who bunk their classes and those who attend them like the municipal workers has erupted. those who want to be neutral should take every possible measures and be ware.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

SAARC Summit

The south asian association for regional cooperation summit began today in colombo. the member heads of the states are eying to come to terms and put forward a concrete formula to curb the menace of terrorism which, if going by the precvious conferences, seems a distant probability. Indian Prieme Minister Dr manmohan Singh in the innaugural address appealed to its members to bring peace and trabquilkity the sub continent. The sub continent which is marred by the endemic problem of terrorism could have developed on the lines of the European Union. But unfortunately the problems remain unresolved, huge chunk of our population falling prey to the long drawn out violence subsequently resulting in less regional cooperation in terms of free movement and free trade in the area. the need of the hour is that peole sat together and gave a point to it serioiusly, burried their hatchets to overcome the unrelenting situation.