Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A day after terror struck

The day that saw the worst attack on humnaity was marked by violence. The angry rather the panicked mob resorted to violence. the sign of violnce or outrage. So what prompted them to be so outrageous. if the media reports are anything to go by vehicle of a sub divisional officer was attacked. a number of police men were among the seriously injured. We are not here to defend or offend any individual, community, caste and creed. it is a different debate whether the panicked mob had any legitimte right to vend their anger by destrying public properties and annihilating a police sub post located feets away from the blast site. we would not discuss the morale of the acts perpetrated by the violent mob on the fateful day. One of the source told the writer that the recently concluded Hindu festival of ganapati was characterised by a huge police force. During ganapaty the force kept a tight vigil and risked where it was necessary. the same person who is a well informed dentist told this correspondent how the establishment practised double standard. During Ramzan and the evets leading up to the Monday's blast the security was not watertight. as it was before onlt three or fur weeks back. it reminded many the blasts of spetember 8 2006 on the day of the muslim day of celebration Shabe Barat, which falls two weeks ahead of Ramzan. Shabe Barat marks the beginning of all festivities. it turns the entire muslim community into the religious mode. the same day, september 29, another blast rocked the town of Modasa in Samarkantha district in Gujarat. According to media reports both the lasts were near synchronous. The blast in Malegaon occurred in between 9.15 / 9.30 in the night.
The one ingujarat also happened nearly the same time. there seems to be a pattern and an ideology working behind these acts of terro. if the religion becomes an illusion people beome beasts. they becme cannibals. they eat each other's flesh and drink their blood. the hukmnaity has been under a comstant siege. No one know where it will lead us Indians. But we can hope tha we can improve on certain fronts.

Terror Strikes Again

alas! the terror returns with its most ugliest face. this time in two neibouring states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. according to the news reports both places are muslim dominated and market areas where muslms were shopping for Idd which falls on Wednesday or thursday depending upon the sight of the moon. muslims follow their lunar calendar. the two places Malegaon and Modasa in Maharashtra and gujarat respectively are described by the media reports as communally sensitive. The sookha bazaar where a timer device was used as told by the district suprintendent of police R Brahmabhat, but preliminary reports of the explosion said it was a cylinder blast which was later ruled out by the Inspector general of Police Nasik Range, S P Gupta. Talking to CNN IBN he said that Improvised Explosive Device was used to trigger the vlast and terror. ATS official also confirmed later that it was not cylinder blast but a crude bomb that killed at least four people. The Chief Medical Officer , L N Chavan, at the Wadia govenemnt hospital in Malegaon said to CNN IBN that there were four bodies lying at the hospital.
The bone of contention is not the facts and figures. Our Intelligence Agencies have again failed to prevent another terror strike. The terrorist are now seeing into the eyes of these agencies and an eye ball to eye ball game is underway, it seems. What makes these terrorist to confront country's robust police forces? Are they have developed their own network to such an extent that they can strike at will? Or is there a lack of will on part of the governemnt to get deep into the networks and dismantle them. So far only conflicting reports are coming from the two epicentres. The IANS termed it a cylindrical explosion. News X said it was a cylide vlast. To the writer's astonishment the horrible incidence could not find a place, till the time of writing the article, in country's premium Press trust of India. The Teror of terror is so terrible that we drifted from the topic and went into the details of what happpened in these two muslim dominated areas. The victims are not muslims or hindus they are human beings in first place. And the Islam saya that killing one innocent human being is tantamount to killing the whole humanity. Similarly the terrorists are neither Hindus nor Muslims. Though their name smight suggest their affiliations to a particlular religion but they are not the followers of that religion. If they were one they would nevr have resorted to violence in first place. But nowadys there is a trend to stereotype these incidences. The Hinud terrorism and the Muslim terrorism which is not acceptable at least in the secular country of India. People should behave as mature persons instead of passing the bucks and indulging in a sliging game. That is detrimental to our pluralistic socialt structure. The neeed of the hour is that the law enforcers hudle up and remove the spectacle of bias and persecution and bring every community in its fold in the fold of fight against terrorism to overpower the imp. The probe as well as the remedial measures should be inclusive not exclusive other wise we can never lead the fight against terror to its logical conclusion.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Examining the Exam

The sptember 29 finally arrived with its fanfare. The most waited part of the day is over now. My keen eyes constantly looking for someone very special for me stoped working as the two natural telescopes, together they form a binocular, were tired. I was very curious to get up early in the morning. It dosen't matter though that I was unable to sleep the whole night Today I wrote a test on Media Law and Society. I find politics and the leagal beat very close to my heart. Its not because you get a slightly larger exposure in these two streams but because I find them very interesting to follow. It can be on a television set or on a radio or in a newspaper. I go by the convenient mode of grasping the news. There was a politics involved in distribution and handing out of the question papers and a legal aspect to the distribution of the answer sheet. The time he distributor started to hand out the papers there was a rucus inside the class. The students who did not prepare well were wary of their being failed as the previous week we all were inundated with assignments. The fears died down to soe extent with the two minuted deadline passing the deadline. These two minutes were given to keep silence and nobody bothered to obey it. Examination wa strated. All of us were happy because we had no invigilators doing a sentinel's job. Because there was no threat of desecration of any object that could have snowballed into a ful fledged violence. The examination ended with the same zeal with which we appeared for them. We did live up to the unexpected expetations. We did not fair well. It was a farewell from our colleg for us.


the much publicised indo us nuclear dela has got throught the house of representatives. the only hurdle now remains in the senate where the voting is expected to take place in the days to come. what follows in the run up to the deal geting the final touches is quite astonishing. many were pesimistic about the deal that has been marred by the controversies since it became the hot debate. as matter of factly the deal seems will get through the senate as well paving the way for civilian nuclear peaceful cooperartion betweeb world's largest democracy and the leading power america. the deal was since its inception a bone of contention between those who opposed it and those who favoured it. time will tel who was wrong and who was right in opposing and favouring the deal.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Terro of Terror

the recent terror strikes once again showes how the terrorists and their networks have become so robust that they are able to resurface gain and again. the dispensation with all its rhetoric and vows, takes oath to prevent such cowardly acts whenever these happen. Whether ongoing debate over the need of a stringent act or a distinct separate federal agency to curb the menace, the terrorist have defied all the measures taken by the governmnet. Though, as per the claims, the governemnt and the law enforcement agencies have said that they have succeeded in dismantling the sleeper cells and terror modules operating across the country but the recurrence of the acts say the reverse. After every terror strike, as we see and listen to the statements of the establishment assisted ny our law enforcers, we think that and hope that this will never happen. But for those especially the journalists like me it only turns out to be a mirage. The vested inteterests who always prowl for such atmnosphere leave no stone unturned to cash in on the charged situation. India is the biggest victim of terror. See what happened in the past six months or so? Blast after blast. Earlier, in the words of seasoned journalist and noted author, it used to be riot after riot. But now it seems that the vested interests have found a new tool of divide and rule. they always try and succeed to some extent to get a mileage fron these incidences. A while ago CNN IBN broadcated an opinion poll that has refuted the ongoing debate over the polarisdation of different communities especially Hindus and Muslims. As many as 66 per cent Hindus say that they find no reasons in refusing a house for a Muslim. A roughly 25 per cent said that are losing their trust on muslims. But still more than 50 per cent have trust in Muslims. 81 per cent of Muslims trust their Hinudu brothers. the similar poll tries to know the opinion of the people on who is better in tackling the terro? Whether its UPA, NDA or Both have failed? 26 per cent believed that UPA is better and it has curbed the menace while 28 per cent gave the erstwhile NDA an upper hand in tackling these acts of terror. Forget the figures. Lets find some solutions or at leastuggest some conctrete measures so that the terror of terro is routed out of the country.
1) Set up a fact finding team. First we need to find out who are behind these? What are their motives etc.
2) Who are the gainers and losers at the same times?
3) Why we face back to back terro attacks that has damaged our country and left it bleeding.?
4) Do we really need stringent anti terror laws or are the existing ones sufficeint for them?
5) What if there is not a single federal gency like that one in United States of America?
6) can such federal agency put an end to these terror of terror?
7) Or are we faulting somewhere. Quite lucidly have we not cracked down on the real culprits and only zeroing on the innocents? If this is no the case then why terro is resurfacing?
8) Can we ever overpower the enemies of our country without an inclusive fight against terrorism that will involve people from everu walk, caste, creed and religion? Isn't it posible?

Answering these questions is not as difficult as it may sound. But there are some lapses which we can not avoid, that will amount to another lapse. Our Prime Minsiter has also acknowledged that there are some lapses. But only acceding to the reality won't dismantle the terror and its network. We need to huddle together to end the terror of the teror.