Sunday, July 31, 2011

BJP needs to play it safe...

The chief minister of Karnataka BS Yeddiyurappa has written to Bhartiya Janata Party high command to consider his name for keeping him at the helm of party affairs at state level. Yeddyurappa wants state presidentship.

Seeing the popularity and support Yeddiyurappa wields among the partymen in Karnataka the BJP has a tough task ahead. BJP no doubt is not in a position to overrule his demands. The party needs to play it safe Yeddiyurappa himself has indicated that he is stepping down under duress.

Though the chief minister has resigned after the report by Karnataka Lok Ayukta was submitted, he seems to be in no mood to lose his grip over the state matters.

BJP has two things to take care of. One is to salvage the party image tarnished by the recent 'indictment' by the Krishna Hegde report on the mining issue. The other much more important worry BJP has is to keep the party fabric in Karnatak intact.

After that comes the task of deciding as to who will be the next BJP parlaimentary party chief in the house after Yeddiyurappa goes. Again the loyalty card would be a great player in the decision. The favours given that were the main reason for the recent upheaval in Karnataka politics have once again proved that law of the land can not be compromised at any given point of time.

At present at least in Karnataka the BJP is walking on eggs. An eagle's eye watch on the ongoing developments needs to be put to keep the situation under control.

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