Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is politics always dirty?

At times veteran politicians venture out on to the streets with bamboo. Don't fear. They are out not to go on a vandalising spree.

The bamboo sticks are fixed with brooms to use the 'conglomerate' on the streets. Motive? To spread the message. That they are not dirty. They are clean and like to get clicked while forwarding the cleanliness drive.

What spurs these rabble rousers to start a cleanliness drive is still not clear. Umpteen times on the pages of newspapers in vernacular can be seen the photos of these media savvy vota-gonists holding the tilling and toiling tools up high in the air.

Celebrities too have something hidden inside their mind. But unlike our 'Netas' our celebrities never come out on to the roads with dubious motives and hidden agendas. They are vocal and unequivocal at the same time.

In a democracy which is for the people, by the people and of the people, these runners of our legislative houses do not seem to be in any mood to do away with the perennials of the common men. Indeed they have huge vested interests.

Latest developments in Karnataka have put a green seal on the claims that Yeddyurappa wields a upper hand over the BJP biggies. This is backed by the way the candidate backed by Yeddyurappa manged to grab the hottest chair.

Now people say that yet another Gowda is merely a proxy for the powerful Yeddyurappa from the influential Lingayat community.

So what is the deal all about? Does the true political values are getting covered with layers of dust spread out of political deeds. let's be very clear. The post Independent era had a number of visionaries who saw India as a one nation.

Nowadays the concepts have seen oceanic change. Elections have given more chance to indulge in anti social activities than to exercise the constitutional right to vote. This was evident during the last decade full of election time violations.

On occasions the offices bearing constitutional values have been misused. The gubernatorial dictats in the past bear witness to that.

Politics being once an honest's affair has reduced merely to a gimmick and a means to realise dubious dreams. As of now the dirty cannot be removed from it as it is clinging to its umblical chord attached to the bellies of politicians.

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Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

At the grassroots it starts with local gundas. And it only gets dirtier as you go upwards.