Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ramazan, when night turns into day...

At four in the morning Muslim pockets bear witness to an offbeat hustle and bustle. In the month of Ramazan the day-to-day life sees a '90 degree' vertical change, though not having side effects. In this month nothing is prohibited, except all that are given a time period.

From August 2 this year, Muslims in India would begin their fast from dawn till dusk. During Ramazan Muslims strictly follow the Islamic book. In this month violation of even a smallest lesson hardly takes place. The joy with which a Muslim observes fast reaches tremendous heights at the time of 'opening' the fast.

Men, women and children all alike undergo a thorough transformation. A metamorphosis clearing the inner soul of all the impurities embedded during the last one year spurs the 'observer of the fast' to do a retrospection.

Overpowering the self wishes is the biggest teaching the fast imparts to its observers. Scientific studies have corroborated that the Roza which is called 'Saum' in Arabic purifies the entire mechanism of human body. Its functions too get an overhauling.

In Ramazan in the areas dominated by Muslims, the devotees impose a disciplined life. Every thing is tagged with a label showing a time. During the day people read from Qura'n. Saying Namaz five times a day becomes a daily phenomenon. 30-days fasting with a well scheduled menu and the sheer time adherence make Ramazan the most sought after Muslim festival.

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