Sunday, July 24, 2011

The passion that ruptured the me within...

A friend of mine once suggested that people who like to see themselves succeed should stick to what they get as their first job. Six years on, two three jobs lost and several times credentials questioned, life has come a full circle for me.

After a few child-like decisions taken in haste only to get my so-called skills and capabilities recognised, I sitting on the same branch which I was hacking; jumped blindly into the well of persistent agony.

Believe me when you have it in you and you cannot pursue your dreams you cannot imagine upto what extent it hurts. Same occurred to me when I started as a Sub at one of India's leading English dailies. My boss both the local and the immediate ones appreciated my work with sheer honesty and tried their best when I decided to leave. Imagine your boss pleading not to leave his or her organisation! Only a fool can proceed with his or her intentions of stepping down.

The years that followed after my graduation from the Bombay College of Journalism of the KC College fame bore a mark that guided me through my quest to be journalist. With two one by one successes and uncalled for over enthusiasm, I landed into hell. All the hell broke lose when I lost my second job as a trainee crime reporter at a city tabloid.

Life was not coming easily. Hardships coupled with a deep rooted desire to become a hardcore journalist, marred with my inability to make an indelible mark proved almost to be lethal for a cub journalist like me.

The reason for writing this article is that poor decision making took its toll on my life, career and persona. I had a dream. A passion embedded deep into my heart. Reporting. Reporting. Reporting.

Life is not easy to understand. At least for me. I could not do so six years ago. After spending great quality time with friends at the country's top most journalism school in Chennai, I have learnt a lesson to subject myself to the destiny.

I have accepted the truth. With another chance to re-embark on a journey that will take me to the final destination, the peak of my field, I have started to recover from the trauma inflicted by decisions taken immaturely.

Time is the biggest healer. It will decide the distance I walk or run along the path to success.

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