Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let's stop pandemonium...

The monsoon session of Maharashtra legislature witnessed opposition MLAs throwing tantrums in the house over various issues plaguing the state. Such situations are orchestrated and are considered quintessential in order that the house is deprived of its order.

Besides 'dragging' the attention of those ruling at the power corridor forms part of the idea behind creating the ruckus. Those who rule use the houses to answer the queries. Unfortunately not a single session finishes off without any pandemonium.

Of late the anger against corruption has reached its zenith. The civil society irked by government's lethargic attitude towards corruption threw its support to the campaign started by Anna Hazaare.

Though the men backing the movement gathered along with Anna at Delhi's Jantar Mantar, the anti-corruption agitation saw the young across the country to feel for it. They shouted into the booms. It was evident in the television footage showing the young enraged with anger.

Can corruption be eliminated? An attempt in the direction would give sleepless nights to those daring doing it. Previous experiences bear witness to that. Any voice raised against the monster eroding our system is silenced through different tactics. Power, money and cajoling are a few of them.

In a society where men and women think only about their nuclear or closest families, a thought aiming to end corruption can never be turned into reality as erasing it would require a concerted effort. A team work which generally occurs when men and women feel for something.

A mere thought of a change cannot bring it to our civil society. Concrete measures set at the actual target would start yielding results. So guys the words from the mouth require actions to turn the dreams into reality.

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